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Polisthenics is the combination of two of my favourites – pole and calisthenics.

Both only uses a piece of metal as equipment, pole being a vertical one, calisthenics (and/or street workout) a horizontal one. They have gained huge popularity recently, the main reason being the close knit community feel where everybody is working towards similar goals and supporting each other the whole way. They are a lot of fun and hard work too.

My goal is to educate about our bodies, training principals and how this all relates to progressing and achieving goals the safest way possible whilst also having fun. To do that I use knowledge gained over the years from my personal trainer qualification, experience and through continuously educating myself. I am starting university as a physiotherapy student and will be applying the learnt principals.

I offer pole, calisthenics and standard personal training in individual or group settings whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned athlete. Pease see Services for further information.

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Active flexibility

Active flexibility is an important element of both pole and calisthenics. It’s not enough to just passively stretch, we need to work on our active flexibility. What’s the difference, I can hear you ask. Passive flexibility is what most people work on when they are stretching. It is when you use external forces to put …


I teach several classes including poledancing/fitness, circuits, abs, handbalancing, etc and I am qualified to do other ones too. If you want to attend any of the classes or would like me to teach at your place, please get in touch.

I also offer private pole and calisthenics sessions. For further information please have a look at the personal training page.

Poledancing – a whole body workout using a vertical pole. You learn different spins, climbs, inverted moves and holds. Possibilities are endless. It’s suitable for everyone as all moves will be taught to match individual levels. Your strength, flexibility, stamina, balance and coordination will all improve. Your confidence will go through the roof. You’ll make new friends. Come and try it:)

Stretch – aims to improve flexibility and mobility using different methods such as self myofascial release, PNF, active and passive stretching. You’ll work on enhancing your range of movement, improving your splits, back bend, overhead mobility, etc in a safe and effective way. The class really focuses on active flexibility, making you stronger at your end range therefore reducing the chances of an injury and gaining extra flexibility quicker.

Handbalancing – have you ever wanted to learn to handstand? This is your opportunity. Whether you can already do a handstand and want to take it further or you’re all new to it, you’ll learn something new. All the ins and outs will be broken down into manageable chunks. You’ll practice balancing and will be building specific strength and mobility. Each session will have a homework to ensure you’re getting closer to your goal.

Abs – this class targets your abdominal and back muscles. Your core muscles are responsible for keeping your internal organs intact, stabilising your body, connecting your upper and lower body and helping you flex and turn your spine. Due to our sedentary lifestyles our abs don’t get conditioned as much as they should.

Circuits – it’s a high intensity whole body workout class using mainly bodyweight stations. You work for short periods of time with maximum effort followed by short rest periods. The best benefit is that due to working at a high intensity you will be burning calories even after the session. You will improve both strength and cardio.

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6.30 pm – pole pump (conditioning) at Mill View Pole Academy – currently delivered on Zoom


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